Why Gifts

Exchanges of best wishes, apologies, love, respect, admiration and celebration have been affected by gifts since times immemorial. Whereas some cultures attach religious meanings to the act of giving gifts, some entrench such exchanges deeply in the culture as a social obligation towards people from higher ranks. However, in the modern society, gifts are n expression of human emotions, an excuse to make any moment memorable, and a way to show a person that you care. Gifts are a vital part of the being of a social human being in the contemporary times. Here’s a look at several reasons that explain the indelible tradition of gifting among humans.

Celebration of important occasions – Why let any occasion get erased from the memory when you can carve out the same and give it a tangible shape with the help of a befitting gift? Marriage, birthdays, promotions, engagements, coming together of friends, anniversaries, successful completion of projects, farewells – there’s a gift for every occasion.

Building bonds, strengthening relationships, fostering friendships – More than the financial value of any gift, what makes a present such a cherished experience for the recipient is the realization of being of value to another person. In this manner, gifts are indispensable for strengthening fragile relationships, building friendships that last lifetimes, and fostering love and respect.

Enhancing social well being – A gift can spur up a dejected soul, can hasten the recovery of an ailing person, can strengthen the will of a losing solider, and can basically act as a blanket of emotional well being that can camouflage feelings of distress and despair.

An exhibition of much-cherished virtues of altruism and spirituality – A gift is a testimony to the ‘giving’ nature of the person presenting the gift. Creating the right impressions, feeling good yourself, setting a wrong to right – a gift can do it all for you.